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Barry Donadio​  

 Official Website

Barry Donadio teaches Americans to become proficiently armed American Patriots ready to defend their country.

Take the wear & carry training with him now

The Founder of Public Security LLC, Barry Donadio is offering the 16 hour wear & carry training to Marylanders seeking to legally carry a handgun

Instructor Barry Donadio is holding regular training classes for those seeking their Maryland wear and carry permits


Train with the big boys.

Barry Donadio is a certified instructor and is available to train American Patriots that are ready to defend the United States of America

Barry Donadio July 2020 

with a suppressed     LWRC SMG-45

Photo by Matthew Abbott

Pistol Instruction




Barry Donadio, Former U.S. Secret Service and currently a certified Pistol Instructor will be making himself available for a fee  starting  March 1st 2022.

 Anyone needing  instruction with firearms, ask an opinion about a firearm, or be shown how a firearm functions can meet him .


Training geared towards your win in a dangerous situation when protecting your home, family, state

Instructor Barry Donadio (Former U.S. Secret Service) is holding private sessions for pistol, rifle and shotgun training .

Sessions are a 2 hour minimum at a rate of $100 per hour. Students are responsible for buying bullets and paying for range times for instructor.

Did you buy a shotgun and have never shot it?

Ladies, do you need some experience with your shotgun for self defense?

Do you know what a shotgun can do and why they are considered one of the best weapons for home defense?

You need to take this training if a shotgun is part of your self defense or home defense plan.

Are you a Security Officer and need to do a qualification course in order for you to carry a shotgun on duty?


Barry Donadio instructs Handgun Qualification Classes on a monthly basis through his firm Public Security LLC.  Donadio also provides private one on one instruction upon request. Business owners can have Donadio train their Staff at their business location upon request.


Wear & Carry 16 Hour Training

Handgun Qualification License HQL Classes   4 hours   for 2022

Training Dates  

Sept 18 Sun 2022

American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland 1

0am to 3pm

Oct 16 Sun 2022

American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland 

 10am to 3pm

Nov 12 Sat 2022

American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland 

 10am to 3pm

Dec 18 Sun 2022

American Legion Post 278 Stevensville, Maryland 

 10am to 3pm

June 23rd 2022

Supreme Court Decision Update

We are working full-time to offer the 16 hour training to wear and carry candidates in Maryland.

What's next after the June 23rd 2022 decision?

Our best guess is that the State of Maryland will now include SELF DEFENSE as a category to apply for a wear and carry permit. It was not a listed category prior to June 23rd 2022. We believe everything thing else in the application process will remain the same. Contact your attorney or the Maryland State Police for the final say.

What can you do now?

Keep following all the rules and laws under Maryland law and the Handgun permit section of the Maryland State Police until they make changes to the wear and carry application process

We think you should obtain your 16 hour wear and carry training in advance of the changes that are coming in order to get it done and be ready to submit your application.

How do I arrange times and dates for the training?

There is a massive surge in requests for this training and if he does not answer he will return your call asap. You can also email him at [email protected] or text him.

We usually have 16 hour wear and carry candidates come to the soonest HQL class in order to refresh in safety and pistol operations. We count this towards your 16 hours. We then meet 2 other times a the pistol range (usually Schrader's in Henderson, Maryland) to complete the 16hrs

You will need a minimum of 300 bullets

You will need to pay for the instructors use of the range in addition to your fees.

Are you ready?

Pay by going to the "Make a Payment section" and contact Barry for dates. There is nothing open until July 5th 2022

                                                                                                    Build Confidence

                                                                                                          Conquer Fear

                                                                                        Empowering Women

                                                                                 One on One Instruction

                                                                                Training Senior Citizens

                                                 Advanced Defensive Marksmanship

Handgun Qualification License (4 Hours) Our Fee $150

To enroll and to make a payment 

click on Public Security LLC

Barry Donadio United States

Secret   Service

Barry Donadio is seen here in an official U.S government photo with his P-90 machine-gun in 2009. He was a member of the United States Secret Service Emergency Response Team at the White House during the George W. Bush and Barrack H. Obama administrations. He protected the Presidents, their families, and their guests on a daily basis as well as the White House and the grounds.   Now Donadio teaches citizens  how to use  tactical firearms for self defense.

Learn from the best!

Barry Donadio is a former member of the U.S. Secret Service Emergency Response Team (ERT). He was assigned to the White House from 2002 to 2010. He protected President George W. Bush and President Barack H. Obama on a daily basis. Donadio also served in multiple middle eastern war zones during his career. 

Barry Donadio is a qualified expert with the following firearms during his police and U.S. government service

FN-P90 5.7x28 Cal. Sub Machine-gun

HK-416 .223 Cal. Short Barreled Rifle

MP-5 9mm Sub Machine-gun 

M-4 .223 Cal. Carbine

Glock 17 9mm Pistol

Sig Sauer P229 .357 Sig Cal.  Pistol

Remington 870 12 Gauge Shotgun

Beretta 92F 9mm Pistol

M-16A2 .223 Cal. Rifle

Remington 700   .308 Cal. Police Sniper Rifle

Other weapons used by Barry Donadio during his police and U.S. government service


M-60 Machine-gun

M249 SAW Gun

MK46 Machine-gun

MK48 Machine-gun

M-203 Grenade Launcher

Colt 1911 .45 cal semi-auto pistol

S&W 915 9mm Pistol

Beretta Model 21 .25 cal

S&W Model 64 

M2 Browning 50 Caliber Machine-gun

Firearms that Barry Donadio has used in the private security sector  

Springfield Saint Victor Edge 5.56

Mossberg 590 Military Shogun

Norinco NHM90

Remington Model 770    .300 Winchester Magnum

10 Gauge Shotgun "Thumper" 

Glock 45 pistol 9mm

Glock 31  pistol   357 Sig.

Firearms That Barry Donadio used for  familiarization

Israeli UZI machine-gun 9mm

Israeli IMI Galil Rifle .223

M1891 Mosin-Nagant Rifle 7.62X52

Nagant M1885 Revolver 7.62X38R

Swedish "K" Machine-gun 9mm

Lee Enfield British ,303 No. 4 Mk1

Russian SKS Rifle 7.62X39

Smith & Wesson  Model 64 .38 cal Revolver

AK-47   7.62X39 Cal. Rifle

LWRC SMG-45 Suppressed

Astra Model 600/43 9MM


.367 Cal. Ruger Revolver Model  5771

 Barry Donadio's Instructor credentials 2022

Certified ASP Baton Tactical Weapons Instructor ASP-51332

National Rifle Association Certified Pistol Instructor 185542457

Maryland State Police Qualified Handgun Instructor QHIC-2015-0253

Do You Need To Buy A Pistol, Rifle , Shotgun or Ammo?

Barry Donadio highly recommends Former Washington D.C. Police Officer Richard Mulderick who is a licensed Firearms dealer located on Kent Island in Maryland